Hair Painting Beauty

Seriously beautiful, mega babe stuff happening the past two days. I've done two completely different versions of hairpainting on my clients.Though, they are both different, they do share a few things in common. They will both grow out amazingly; and they, both, are perfect.


The first, very subtle. My client just wanted a little something to add a bit of dimension to her rich shade of brown. It really turned out so beautiful, and it's nice to know that it will grow out effortlessly.


Today, my client wanted to do some highlights. I decided hair painting would be perfect for her. She is due with a baby in July. She can get it touched up by then, or just let it keep growing out. Either way, it will stay beautiful. And it was really nice using this technique for adding highlights, naturally, around her cowlick. 

It really turned out so perfect! Serious hotness!

Anyhoo, I am really in love with this. Just wanted to share.