balayage ombre

Ombrés are here to stay.......

It seems that, what was once just a trend, the ombré is now making it's way into 2014. And I think part of the reason for that is because it's incredibly versatile.

Any color, any style, bold or the softest color melting. It's up to you. 

I, for one, have noticed that throughout the past couple of years, it seems to be morphing into a much more subtle look. I think that is why is has stuck around for so long. It isn't a one faceted style. 

I love the bold ombrés, but find them to be suited for stronger personalities and styles. Not everyone wants their color to be so obvious. 

For those who want something more subtle, I think a soft, blended ombré is the way to go. 

Lightened ends mixed in with soft highlights, that frame the face, open everything up in a beautiful way. This is a perfect, beautiful combination.

Young or more mature. New to color or chemically addicted. It doesn't matter. it works for everyone. 

It's also the best for those who don't know where to start with hair color. It is an organic hairstyle that is never the same each time.

Plus, you will never have regrowth. So, if you want something noncommittal, this is exactly for you.

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