The Hair Happening this Fall.

People are always asking what is the most popular style for the season. Often times, there are seasonal trends, but a lot of those times they are so specific that it leaves a lot people out. Not everyone wants to be a risk taker to keep up with the most current of trends.

This season, however, I feel is a bit different. There is a little of everything for EVERYONE!! 

Color seems to be continuing down the route of natural, beeachy, rooty, grown out, soft, dimensional and positively effortless.

In laymen's terms, if you have highlights- let them grow out some and maybe even smudge your root out a little. If you have all over color- consider adding some some kissed pieces around your face and through your ends. I promise you, you can't go wrong. 

I'm, also, still seeing tons of pastels. But that is for those of you that are a bit more ambitious and adventurous with your hues. 

Now for cuts.... middle length is still the "it length" of the season. It probably started some time late Spring and is still going strong.

Just past the shoulders, collar bone and resting just at the top or your breast seems to be the length of perfection. Another thing, I am noticing, that is a bit new, is the heaviness and bluntness of these cuts. They still continue to have texture and lots of movement without having tons of layers. Perfect for thick hairs and fine hairs alike.

This style on Brianna is the epitome of this current trend.


And if you are still wanting something shorter... disconnected pixies and short bobs are still showing up everywhere. Just remember to keep the texture.

If you ever have any questions, or wonder if any of these styles are right for you.... call the salon and set up a consultation. I'd be happy to talk with you. 772-299-1570

Michele :)