Highlights by way of Foiling

I thought I would share this since I am always posting about hair painting. I decided to take a few pic of the foils I put in my client's hair (who is actually my lovely mom). She is natural with barely 50% grey. I foil her with two blondes (lightener and a high lift) and I, also, add a mid light in there. This is one of my "standard" foiling patterns, but not my only one. There are several other styles I utilize, depending on the effect I am going for.

I've posted a video as well.
One thing I want you to notice in the video is how close the foil is to the scalp. Not just on top, but more importantly on the underneath side. Too me, this determines how close the product really is.

***and please ignore my horrid morning voice. It took everything for me to do this voice over.*** :)

There are so many other factors in making foils look beautiful than just how close they are to the scalp. Color choice, placement, application... you name it. I just find that this is one of things clients find to be pretty important. 

Just thought I would share. And when I do foil highlights on a client with longer hair, with a clearer part, I will be sure to post that, too.