Summer Love.....

I recently added a few new sections to the website. Under Portfolio, I have a Gallery section where you can actually pin individual photos to your Pinterest boards. 

I've, also, added three more sections (also under portfolio) for making look throughs easier.


Long Hair

Color and Hair Painting

As soon as I take a few more short hair photos, I will add that section, too. 

And the best part, if it's something you like, I've done it. That makes everything a million times easier for recreating. 

And I try to take photos of clients before they leave. If times allows for it, and if I feel like I am not putting my guest out. Not everyone feels photogenic all the time. I respect that.

...bbbbuuuutttttttt, sometimes the best photos are selfies. If you have your hair all styled up, and tend to take selfies, feel free to tag me. That's how I got this little gem!!!!! This is the lovely Meg.

Anytime. I love to post those, too. They tend to have a much nicer lived in feel that I can't create in the salon.   

If you are on instagram, just tag me with @slimkins. You can also follow me here

I, also, post a lot of photos on my facebook page for hair. Which you can find here

With summer in full swing, I'm starting to do a few more models. If you are up for something new, and are pretty open, feel free to send me a message.